About Riway

Ivy See - VP in Operation Dato Kenny Wong - VP in Business Development Dr Lim Boon Hong - Founder & President in Riway Claudia Ong - Co-Founder & VP in Marketing


Founder & President of RIWAY
Dr.Lim Boon Hong
RIWAY Management Team

A Culture of Righteousness & Virtue

Founded in July 2008, Riway International, a homegrown brand from Singapore, is a multi-level marketing enterprise which provides a platform for direct sellers to achieve their dreams and goals.

Riway strives to improve the community’s well-being by the attainment of market superiority and trust through a relentless pursuit of knowledge and technological excellence. Within five years, Riway has expanded globally to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. This rapid growth serves as a strong testament of customers' trust and faith in the quality of Riway products.

The founders started off as seasoned successful direct sellers before they decided to start Riway with an initial goal of enriching people's lives with constant offerings of innovative product and services.

Riway, which means "Right Way", was derived from our core mission of "Showing You The Right Way", which delineates our determination and passion to transform people’s lives, regardless of race, religion, social class or nationality.

The six antlers on Riway Logo symbolise our six core values:


Riway has developed a full spectrum of valuable information ranging from self-development to excellent lifestyle to share with consumers globally.

Riway provide everybody with the opportunity to become confident and healthy by advocating loyalty and respect towards self and others and instilling values such as social harmony and stability. In addition, Riway provides them with a platform to acquire a stable and sustainable income through Riway Network Programme and our high quality products.

We are proud of every single affiliated member who has made our success possible. Led by an astute management team, Riway thrives on an organisational culture of collaboration and unity as we strive to improve more lives towards attaining new milestone accomplishments.